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9:00 AM - noon, Saturday, May 16, 2009, at Donna Shepard Inter. School Band Hall.

We will send a packet home with your child. Please have them return it indicating a time you would like to come to school do rentals contract and purchase accessories.

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Friday, May 22, 2009
Afterschool rehearsal on Thursday, May 21st for all Sandy Lake participants.

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Sandy Lake

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Both Concerts were SUPERB!
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at Sandy Lake Band Festival!!

To be a successful, productive and happy band member (like those shown above), each student will need to make music as much a part of daily life as breathing, eating or brushing teeth. The specific details of how to do this will be taught daily in band class.

This letter is to explain the requirements of our band classes. Expectations for band students are extremely high, the curriculum is very demanding and the financial and time commitments are considerable. Most students who are selected for band are very enthusiastic and will, after the hours of practiced required, become very dedicated and competent musicians!!

We do "real" band at Donna Shepard. We have "real" instruments, not "toys." We know that only through high expectations and hard work can a student begin to master the aspects of playing an instrument. The development of musical skills will lead to the joy and fun of playing "real" music. There are lifetiem benefits that go along with band participation: increased individual responsibility, development of teamwork skills, and (scientifically proven!) increased intelligence. Studying a musical instrument causes the brain to grow new and stronger connections. Music is a whole brain activity - it affects all aspects of intelligence. Now with that said, a student must work at his study to make this happen. Just holding a horn or a couple of pieces of wood (drumsticks) won't do it.

And only through mastering each and every aspect of playing an instrument from the foundations up, can a student begin to experience what we call "FF" - the "FUN FACTOR!" (More on this later!)

Help your child keep in mind that the responsibility for learningis his. We will provide everything necessary for success, but band is something your child "does," not something that can be "done for him."

On the FIRST day of school: Your child will be issued the Donna Shepard Intermediate School Band Handbook. Please read it with your child. Fill-out the Student and Parent Information and Handbook Acknowledgment Form.

On the SECOND day of school have your child return all forms and a box of Kleenex to the band directors on the second day of school. Keep your Band Handbook at home for future reference.

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